About Us

We are Mallory and Taylor, co-owners of Copper & Lace. Just two moms raising a bunch of hooligans and glittering all of our crafts. We both have three little cuties running around wrecking our houses and scrambling our brains, but somehow we still make the time to run this business.
We started Copper & Lace in 2018 to bring handmade crafts to our friends and family, and now we are taking big steps and branching out! We want to continue to bring you the quality of the custom orders you've loved, with more focus on our own individual artistic ideas. We want to see our art in more hands! 
We hope you'll fall in love with our products as deeply as we have. We want you to keep coming back and choosing us. While we may not be the cheapest option for you to choose from, we always try to keep our prices fair for both the customers and ourselves. We strive to only use the best quality products on your creations and with that comes higher price tags on our end. We care about the quality of what we are creating, and spend a great amount of time on these items to ensure we are crafting greatness.  
We hope you'll keep hanging out with us as we always have something new and exciting in store for you!